Liquidation: Our most defining aspect of our Liquidation services is the ability to handle jobs on a national level. Most liquidation companies do focus on their local area; however we have the ability to accommodate the client in almost every city, in every state. As an experienced liquidator, we have available a vast network of buyers and sellers in order to find the right match for your needs.

We are with you every step of the way, from initial contact and assessment right on through to the completion of the project. We handle the leg work so you don’t have to. We provide a comprehensive inventory, scheduling, trucking, labor and the removal of obsolescent product. The liquidation of assets helps free up office and warehouse space, while also helping to save capital and provide peace of mind.

Trash Removal: There are items that are either outdated, not functioning, worn out or simply old that needs disposing of.  We provide a unique service that most don’t.  We will provide a cost effective solution to removing your unwanted items and have them effectively disposed of in the time frame required.  We adhere to the E.P.A. regulations for disposing of electronics and mechanical equipment so you can know the environment is being well preserved. We minimize the dump space needed by first tearing down furniture items so as not to overcharge the client for wasted space.  We can provide a large removal crew within a few days notice to help those “under the gun”.  We’ll take out the trash so you don’t have to.

Space Planning: We also offer space planning to optimize the usable square footage of your office.  From basic cubicle layouts to full office measurement and professional CAD space plan drawings, Nationwide Furniture has you covered.  Call for an estimate or to schedule an in office consultation.

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